New nailpolish

I really needed a new dark red polish. My old one was really getting old (sticky and thick and EWWW). Soooo this is my new BFF!

Catrice - Glamourista
€0,75 (sale)


omdat één plus één door zichzelf is te delen,
blijven we met zijn tweeën tegelijk allebei één.

I need a red leather pants like this!


I liked them so much!
I won't ever forgive myself for not buying them..


why dont we just take our time
aint no need to rush,
how come he stays on my mind
he even makes me blush
why cant we just take our time
aint no need to rush
how come he stays on my mind
i never fall in love



I know it's cold outside, and everyone wants warm feet. And yes, Uggs are warm. Perfect for the snow. If you're craving for a pair of Uggs, PLEASE watch this before you buy them. A lot of sheeps are having pain for your warm feet.

Warning; it's shocking. I didn't even watch this till the end.

If you still want to buy them; screw you. Karma will get you.


Project 365

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